Dear customers,

just a quick note to inform you of some important things:

  1. If your Windows version is <  2004 and you haven’t bought an update/upgrade from us after Summer 2019, then DO NOT upgrade your Windows version. Windows 2004 introduces changes in native libraries that made IspiHost service stop working. We had to implement a fix, which we did in Summer 2019. Due to not being able to ship the fix (because our team member passed away), we cannot help you if you are affected.
  2. If your Windows version is > 2004 and < Windows 11, then you most certainly got the aforementioned fix from us. BUT, we cannot guarantee that EsysX keeps working on Windows 11, so DO NOT upgrade to Windows 11, as we cannot implement any new fixes to the current native Windows EsysX application anymore.

Best regards

EsysX Team