As you may know, we not only created EsysX but also RemoteENET, to help everyone out with remotely coding any BMW. This tool has always been and will always be free for everyone. We do not restrict its use to EsysX customers so it can be used with every coding tool out there. Official “support” (see further below) is of course only when using RemoteENET with EsysX. We cannot ensure that its working with any Launcher out there.

Instead of putting it in every installation folder of EsysX, we decided to upload it on our page to better handle updating it (else everyone would have to get a new installation package). While you may find RemoteENET on different pages out there, this site is the only official source for the most current RemoteENET version. So make sure to download it from here before you are reporting any problem.

Regarding support: this tool is free and thus there is no “paid 24/7 support” for it. We test it thoroughly and any version on here is stable and working, but we cannot put much resources into helping people out how its working etc. If you have a bug, report it and we will get to it if we have time for it.

What is RemoteENET

RemoteENET is a helper tool which detects a local BMW gateway ip and forwards the communication to a VPN connection on the clients PC. Another PC can then remotely be connected by using the VPN ip as the gateway address e.g. in EsysX.

Currently, it can only be used with an ENET cable, therefore the name “RemoteENET”.

Change Log

27/7/2021: Initial Upload


Download RemoteENET here