License Comparison

Feature Standard Expert 8HP EGS ISN Reset
Supports Esys Versions 3.24.3, 3.26.1, 3.27.1, 3.28.0, 3.29.0, 3.30.0, 3.30.1, 3.31.x, 3.32.x, 3.33.x, 3.34.x, 3.35.x , 3.36.x (32 & 64-bit)* 3.32.x, 3.33.x, 3.34.x, 3.35.x, 3.36.x (only 64-bit versions)* 3.32.x, 3.33.x, 3.34.x, 3.35.x, 3.36.x (only 64-bit versions)*
Untrimmed PSdZ
Visual FA/VO editor for options (SALAPA, HO-words, E-words)
Option to show conditional parameters in CAF/FDL Viewer
NCD Comparison (Winmerge)
FDL Scripting
FDL Cheatsheets
FSC Generator for Maps (CIC, NBT, NBT Evo ID4, EntryNav)**
Series information in connection dialog
Evaluation of conditions in CAF/FDL Viewer
Construction Preview SVT calculation
NCD/FDL calculation with FA + SVT (“SVT-CAFD” / “FA-CAFD” Integration from NCDCAFD Tool) featuring 2 calculation modes and quick compare (2 FA/VOs)
8HP*** EGS ISN Reset

* 64-bit Update must be purchased in order to use 64-bit versions of Esys
** 50 CIC/NBT codes, one NBT Evo ID4 and no EntryNav codes included. More can be bought over our shop. Lifetime code for Route maps currently not available.
*** Compatible 8HP SWFLs:
swfl_00000a81.bin.000_056_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_057_000 , swfl_00000a81.bin.000_058_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_066_002, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_067_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_068_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_074_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_077_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_088_001, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_090_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_091_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_094_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_095_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_096_000, swfl_00000a81.bin.000_097_000,

swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_022_001, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_026_000, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_029_000, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_031_000,
swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_037_001, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_045_000, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_046_000, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_048_000, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_052_000, swfl_00001dc7.bin.000_056_000

Expert License (only 64-bit)

The Expert License was built mainly to integrate the “Calculation of NCD/FDL via Vehicle Order and SVT/CAFD” known as “FA-CAFD” or “SVT-CAFD” from other tools. By integrating it in E*ys itself, it is using the same mappings as for Coding, which means that you do not have to use different tools and get updated mappings for Coding and NCD Calculation whenever an update is purchased.

Which started with the NCD Calculation, soon grew into a bigger project, implementing more than just that to make coding and research easier than ever. It currently has the following features:

  • Adding Series to TargetSelector so you do not have to lookup the vehicle project from another source of information when connecting to a car.
  • Possibility to evaluate the XPath expressions for each parameter so you can check within the CAF/FDL when specific parameters are set
  • Additional option for SVT calculation to calculate the construction preview SVT for any vehicle. Note: If not connection to an actual car, you must “fake” a connection by selecting another connection method in the Connection Dialog, then press “connect” and wait for the warning that says, that ODX functions can still be used. Just confirm it and it soon as it shows the green indicator color at the bottom, you have a “connection” with the chosen Vehicle Project.
    • This means, you are able to calculate the SVT for any vehicle for any, ever existend I-Step. Just load your FA/VO and choose the desired I-Step and it will give you the SVT which would be present in the vehicle for that I-Step.
    • It can be used to calculate the SVT for a car which you don’t have at your shop just yet. Just look up its I-Step from any known portal, create or download the FA and calculate its current or factory SVT. Even better, save it as SVT_CURRENT and calculate your SVT_FUTURE, then the TAL to prepare a whole update to save time, as soon as you get your hands on the car.
    • Or just lookup a cars’ hardware by calculating its SVT without having to read it from the car itself.
  • Do any NCD/FDL calculation by using a FA/VO and SVT, also known as “FA-CAFD” or “SVT-CAFD” but in one single module. We have chosen to let you decide which paramters you want to see and implemented two modes for calculation:
    • Conditional parameters: After loading a SVT, you can choose, which ECU you want to have evaluated. Also, you can filter out any implicitly set parameter so it only calculates the parameters that are conditionally set by the SALAPA Elements, HO-/E-Words/Type code or Time criteria. The calculation can be saved afterwards. For this mode, you have two options to save the result:
      • Single .txt file (ini format)
      • .txt file per CAFD which will create a folder with the name “VIN_EvalMode_Timestamp” and a .txt file per CAFD within
    • All Parameters: Choose which ECU you want to have evaluated and then hit “calculate” which will now evaluate ALL PARAMTERS for each CAFD.
      Basically, this results in the NCD file which is created by Esys before it actually codes the car if you pressed “code” in the Coding Module. EsysX translates it into FWL files for you which you will see in the result panel afterwards.
      The actual FWL files for each CAFD are saved in the background and can be saved as:

      • Single .txt file
      • .txt file per CAFD which will create a folder with the name “VIN_EvalMode_Timestamp” and a .txt file per CAFD within
      • .fwl file per CAFD which will create a folder with the name “VIN_EvalMode_Timestamp” and a .fwl file per CAFD within
    • Aside from evaluation modes, we added a quick compare function for each CAFD in the result, which can only be used after doing a “All Parameters” calculation. If you press the compare dropdown, you can choose an ECU CAFD from the result. Pressing it will:
      • Open a file chooser dialog (default path is your Data/CAF folder) where you can select an NCD or FWL file.
      • If an NCD is chosen, it will be loaded and merged into a CAF to result into the FDL, which will then be converted into the FWL (crazy, isn’t it?!).
      • If Diff Tool is configured properly in IspiHost Admin, the Diff Tool itself, e.g. Winmerge, will automatically be opened with both FWLs to compare.
      • Temporary files are created within Data/fwl folder. This folder is only used by EsysX. EsysX itself only creates temp data with “~” as prefix. All files within that folder and having “~” as prefix will be deleted on startup/shutdown of EsysX. So don’t worry that it polutes your HDD with lots of temp files.
    • To save even more time while comparing differences in codings due to FA/VO changes, we implemented a “Calculate and Compare” function into EsysX.
      For that you select a second FA/VO in the “VO Compare” panel and hit the “Calculate and compare” button. This will automatically do the following for you:

      • Do a “All Parameters” calculation with your VO Main for every CAFD and put it into the result panel just as if you clicked “calculate”
      • Do a “All Parameters” calculation with your VO Compare for every CAFD and save the result in the background
      • Open your Diff Tool and show you both results in a single .txt file
      • Important: For “Calculate and Compare” you can still filter out any ECU from the filter panel BUT it does always use the “All Parameters” method regardless what is set in the dropdown to have better comparable results (FWLs always represent the exact same set of params)