Below is a list of FAQ please have a read.

Q.What is a lifetime license
A.A lifetime license is a token that does not expire

Q.Can i use the license on multiple pc or change pc
A.The only way to use the license on multiple or another pc is with the dongle version

Q.What is 1 free update
A.The free update is to cover future releases that may not have support as of yet

Q.Can i use it on 64 bit windows
A.Yes you can use it on 32bit or 64 bit windows

Q.Can i use it on virtual machine
A.Not for online actiavtion but with dongle it is possible

Q.How do i find my license number
A.Click the question mark on top of ispihost to reveal your license number

Q.If i change a componet on my pc with the license still work
A.Yes as long as the pc is still the same

Q.Can i use it the license on Mac pc
A.Only possible with the dongle version

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