EsysNeXt feature list and its prices (1 Credit = 1€)


License type Features Price
Coding License
  1. Coding/Scripting/CAFs
    • FDL-Editor: Upload and edit NCDs just like in Esys. Load them back into Esys after editing to code
    • FDL Scripts: Create FDL-Scripts to use in the FDL-Editor or download them for use in EsysX (or any Launcher that supports FDL Scripts)
    • 1-Click-Scripts: Activate FDL-Scripts and send the activation code to your customer so he can use it to code his car with our installer. You can use it yourself too to faster code the scripts values when needed more often
    • CAF-Viewer: View CAFs without having to upload them to EsysNeXt. We have a full list of CAFs which is automatically synced to the latest PsdZ release we approve for EsysNeXt.
    • PsdZ Release CAF-Browser: Browse all CAFs of the latest PsdZ release, check in which ECU it is used, which Coding version it has and create an FDL-Script for it or view it in the CAF-Viewer
  2. Editors/Viewers
    • FA-Editor: Upload any FA/VO and edit it in our FA-Editor. Additional info is displayed directly in the uploaded FA like exact model (e.g. 440i US LL) etc.
    • SVT-Viewer: Upload any SVT and view it in our SVT-Viewer which shows you the description of each node/SGBMID, e.g.
      • ATM [61] – Advanced Telematic Module
        • BTLD_000026A2_001_043_020 – Bootloader ATM
        • CAFD_00001F61_001_021_001 – Codierdaten_ATM
        • FLSL_000026A3_001_043_020 – Flashloader NAD
        • HWEL_00003898_213_003_003 – ECE 4G WLAN GPR
        • SWFL_000026A4_001_043_020 – APPL CAN
  3. Research
    • KIS Research: EsysNeXt is directly connected to KIS databases and loads information for research purpose. Currently, we have a “CAFD usage per I-Step” table, which tells you which CAFD is used in which I-Steps and a “Typecode descriptions” table, which shows you an overview of all available typecodes and what model they are referring to, e.g.
      • Typecode XZ03
        • Composite model series: F001
        • Model: RR5
        • Model description: Rolls-Royce Coupe Two Doors
        • Typecode descriptions: ROLLS-ROYCE Ghost CO Coupe US LL
    • FA Options Lookup/FA2FP Browser: Search through all available composite model series/vhicle projects, e.g. F010 and check, which of the following elements are available/valid and what the description/meaning of those are:
      • Type codes, e.g. 5A11 – 518i N20 LL ECE
      • SALAPAs, e.g. 102 – 102 REINFORCED BRAKES
      • E-Words, e.g. A020 – A020 BATTERYSIZE 20AH AGM
      • Time criterias, e.g. 0110 – JANUARY 2010
  4. Misc
    • FA-Builder: Build a vehicle order from scratch which guides you through all steps needed to get a downloadable and valid FA. It provides you with all valid options for your chosen composite model series
    • Vehicle Project -> Model Browser: Check which composite model series/vehicle project contains which models, e.g. I001 -> I012,I015,I001

14 Day Free Trial for new users/30 Day Free Trial for former EsysX customers

After free Trial, 150 credits per year (25% discount for former EsysX users)

If you are a former EsysX user, please get in touch via FB or Instagram before you you unlock your Free Trial/buy your license). For any other discount enquiry , gladly get in touch as well.
Licenses are bought on demand, there is no recurring automatic payment which you would have to cancel.

Requesting Car Files (On-Demand)

Feature Price
Esys Vehicle Order 5 Credits
NCS Vehicle Order 5 Credits
Repair FSC Kit 15 Credits
Repair History 15 Credits

FSC generation by uploaded fsc file from car (On-Demand)

Feature Price
Champ 2 Free*
NBT Free*
NBTEvo ID 4 10 Credits
EntryNav 15 Credits

*Free if user has min of 1 credit in his account

NBT Evo Feature Enabler (On-Demand)

Feature Price
CarPlay w/o Fullscreen 50 Credits
CarPlay Fullscreen Only 30 Credits
V850 Reset 30 Credits
Region Change 30 Credits
VO Coding Fix 30 Credits
SSH Access 30 Credits


Feature Price
Storing files on our servers Free
Viewing, downloading, etc files Free

All the prices above can undergo changes at any time and typos can occur, the actual price is shown in our application at any time and must be accepted before finally purchasing.