EsysNeXt feature list and its prices (1 Credit = 1€)

Requesting Car Files

Feature Price
Esys Vehicle Order 5 Credits
NCS Vehicle Order 5 Credits
Repair FSC Kit 15 Credits
Repair History 15 Credits

FSC generation by uploaded fsc file from car

Feature Price
Champ 2 Free*
NBT Free*
NBTEvo ID 4 10 Credits
EntryNav 15 Credits

*Free if user has min of 1 credit in his account

NBT Evo Feature Enabler

Feature Price
CarPlay w/o Fullscreen 50 Credits
CarPlay Fullscreen Only 30 Credits
V850 Reset 30 Credits
Region Change 30 Credits
VO Coding Fix 30 Credits
SSH Access 30 Credits


Feature Price
Storing files on our servers Free
Viewing, downloading, etc files Free
FA Generator/Builder Free
FA/FA2FP Options Browser Free

All the prices above can undergo changes at any time and typos can occur, the actual price is shown in our application at any time and must be accepted before finally purchasing.