It’s time for a new status update on our “EsysX Cloud” app, now called EsysNeXt, which we just released!

If you checked out our blog post in September 2021, you already read what our vision is for EsysNeXt, but lets talk about that again, especially what we have working today in EsysNeXt:

We have always listened to our customer’s feedback what they liked and what not. We have identified most issues being dependent on one hardware (for software licenses) and for us, having a complex build and distribution pipeline.

A few years ago, we already thought about developing a cloud web application that will solve most of the issues and will enable us to distribute updates and new features to all customers within seconds.

That’s what we actually created with EsysNeXt. It’s a web application running in the cloud, has a single login which can be used from any hardware from any location and was created to combine any little (helper) tool out there into one powerful application. And we are just getting started with that integration.


Let’s talk about the features we have implemented already and show you how it works.

Any feature or product is paid by credits, on demand. That means, you pay for what you need. No hidden costs. Credits can be bought in our shop, only one currency for any product in EsysNeXt.

Our app has been optimized to work on all screens. Beware, that due to design, some pages might not scale good on small mobile screens. It works perfectly on any tablet screen up to 4K resolution screens. We will adjust all pages to work on mobile in the future so you can generate FSCs etc. on mobile.

Any of our feature has an integrated tutorial and is designed in a way, that it is more or less self explaining. You will see below, what we mean by that.


SWT-Tools combine any Headunit related feature/task:

  • Navigation FSC Generator for Champ2, CIC, NBT, NBTEvo ID4 and EntryNav
  • NBTEvo Feature Enabler (same functionality as the widely known Feature Installer)
    • CarPlay
    • SSH Access
    • VIM
    • CarPlay Fullscreen only
    • etc.

To generate a new FSC for a Headunit, use the wizard for it:

  1. Upload a new FSC file or choose an existing one. If you upload a new one, it is saved in our system for new generations. So once you uploaded one, you can use it from there on for any new FSC generation.
  2. Select the Map for which you want to generate the new FSC
  3. Check your details and select if you want to save the uploaded FSC and new FSC in our system and generate it

If you chose to save the data, uploaded FSCs from car and generated FSCs can be listed, viewed and downloaded in the app under “my files”:

To generate a new Feature Enabler Code, use our menu to select the feature which you want to enable in the car, then go through the wizard:

  1. Select the vin for which the code should be valid
  2. Select further options for the select main option from menu
  3. Check details, select if data shall be saved and generate
  4. Download our feature enabler, connect to the car and use the generated code to enable the feature

These codes can be viewed and downloaded under “my files” as well.

Car Information Services

Car Information Services are services to request factory files for your car:

  • Vehicle Order (Esys/NCS)
  • Repair FSC Kit
  • Repair History

To request those files, select the main option from the menu then use the wizard:

  1. Put in your long vin
  2. We check for you if the file does exist for that vin and if not, you wont be able to request it
  3. Check data and select if data shall be saved
  4. Request the file. We check, if the file is already existing in our database (if you chose to save before) and if it is, we wont charge any credits for it and tell you.

Your requested files can be listed, downloaded and viewed afterwards in “my files” menu.

Vehicle Orders:

FSC Kits

Repair Histories

My Car/My Files

Those pages build your backup storage for everything you have every uploaded or created in our system, but only, if you chose to save the data in our system. We explained above, how to see your generated files.

A car actually groups all of the single generated files under one vin. The data tables on the car page are exactly the same as under “my files”. So you can download/view those files on both pages.

Whats planned next

Our roadmap is currently the following:

  • Complete Navi FSC Generator by adding the possibility to generate an FSC by VIN only without uploading an FSC file
  • Implement coding and prepare for SFA
  • Further features and enhancement of existing ones
    • Vehicle Order Builder
    • Dynamic addition of KIS DB information

As soon as we have more to share, we will let you know!

You can register for free at

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