While we are still working hard on getting the coding feature done, we also had to implement logic for handling FAs/VOs which turned into 2 new features which we deployed today:

FA Options Lookup

  • Choose any model or series from the series dropdown menu and all options are loaded
    • Type codes
    • SALAPAs
    • HO-Words
    • E-Words
    • Time criteria
  • Alternatively, you can combine any option into a single table for better overview and filtering

Choose for which main series or model you want to have the FA/VO options loaded


Options can be shown in a single table

FA/VO Builder

  • Choose any series which you want to create an FA/VO for, we will load available FA/VO options for you automatically
  • You can add options by double clicking them or by selecting and clicking the arrows between the available and selected options panel
  • The FA is saved in our system, if you select the option before generating it
  • You can look at the vehicle profile or download it as soon as its generated
  • The FA is automatically validated against Esys rules. If it is generated successfully in our system, it is going to work in Esys!
  • If the FA is saved, it will also be displayed in the cars overview FA datatable as “retrofit FA”


Add options by double clicking or selecting and using the arrows in between the panels


If you generate the FA, its automatically validated. After that, you can show the vehicle profile and download it


Check the generated vehicle profile of the FA


The FA is displayed in the cars overview table