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With increasing development and addons we have added a short list of frequently asked questions, we get messages like “What is EsysX?”, “What are the differences between EsysX Standard and Expert?”, “What is a Dongle License?” etc., so we decided to make support easier for us and our customers so information for you is better found and we save time for urgent support requests. We always like to have a chat with our customers but unfortunately, we cannot handle a quick talk with some customers when some need us for support and our resources are tided up with questions of which the answers are on the website.

If you have a question, read the following and check if its answered there!

  • What is EsysX: EsysX is a launcher which extends basic Esys functionality
  • Do I need anything else besides EsysX: Yes, you have to provide psdz data and Esys yourself, we do not distribute that
  • What is the difference between your license types: We provide EsysX in 2 license formats
    1. Dongle license: Can be used offline on multiple PCs
    2. Software license: Can be used on 1 PC only. Hardware changes are NOT supported
  • What is the difference between Expert and Standard: All difference are listed here
  • Which Esys and psdz versions can I use with EsysX: All psdz versions and the Esys versions listed on
  • What is the difference between Update and Upgrade: Update is needed, if we added updated psdz mappings which your licenses did not have at the time you bought it. If you need new mappings, you need an UPDATE. An UPGRADE means, you add functionality to EsysX. If you bought Standard and want Expert, you buy an Expert UPGRADE.
  • How do i know if i need an UPDATE: If you have a car where FDL parameters appear trimmed, then you may need an Update. To check, if we have already implemented the mappings which you need, check our Change Log at . Just check the Changes since you bought your car and check if we have implemented an I-Step which is equal or newer than the I-Step of the car with the trimmed parameters. Then you can proceed to buy an Update.
  • Which functions does EsysX provide or what can I do with it: Check our manual at
  • How do i install or update/upgrade EsysX: Check our manual at
  • When do i get my license/update/upgrade i have bought: You get a confirmation mail upon purchase which covers all that questions. As soon as your license is ready, it will get automatically sent to you. So please have a bit of patience.
  • Can i upgrade my software to a dongle license: No, both are different software types. there is no way to upgrade a software to a dongle license.
  • Where do I find my license number: Open up IspiHost Admin from system tray and click the question mark on the top right
  • Do I get free updates with my license: There aren’t any free updates anymore since 2021. We removed the free update and lowered the price of all licenses by the free updates value. If we integrate new psdz data mappings, they are not free for us and cost time to implement. Also, implementing a new Esys version to support means, that we have to implement anything we have ever integrated in this new version manually which takes a few weeks including testing. There is much work involved, that’s why an update has to be paid.
  • Do you support I-Step xx-xx-xxx: Check our change log at . If there is no information about it then we may only partly support it. As soon as we do fully support it, we make sure to write it in the change log
  • How long is my license valid: Its a lifetime valid license
  • How long are your shipping times: Initial licenses are normally shipped within 5 minutes (exceptions can occur if our server prodiver is having problems). Updates are shipped within 24 hours. Dongles are shipped within a few days, you will get an automated email with shipping number as soon as shipped. After any purchase: Read your confirmation email on what to do next!
  • My firewall/antivirus program blocked EsysX files, what now: First, setup folder exceptions for scanning for your programs as noted in the manual at  , then remove EsysX from control panel and install again.
  • Your change log says, that a specific implementation will be included in licenses from date xx on. I bought mine before that, how do i get that update: This means, all initical licenses, sold from that date on, will have those new features/mappings. To get them for an earlier bought license, you must purchase an update.
  • Which icon do i have to use on my desktop, 64bit or 32bit: Whatever Esys version you have configured in IspiHost Admin. If you have configured a 64bit Esys version, the 64bit icon launches that. The same applies to the 32bit version…
  • Which company do you ship with: We ship per local postage

If you have a problem, read the following if it may help you out!

  • EsysX shows that your token is expired: Send a message to  you will get a free Update
  • EsysX fails to install: Check installation instructions in our manual at
  • EsysX is stuck at 10% when activating: Check our manual at if you have installed correctly. If yes, remove it again, restart PC, install again, make sure you have exceptions for the folders of EsysX (as mentioned in manual) and check that the IspiHost service is running, then try to activate again
  • If your problem is not covered here: Check our manual at and read the section which could resolve your problem. If it is not covered there then contact us with the information provided further down on this page


If you do not provided the necessary infos we need to help you out then it makes it harder for us and creates longer support times for any user. So please keep in mind to be as specific as possible about your problem or question and to provide as much information as you can. This includes license number, order id if possible, windows version, steps to reproduce your problem, etc.

  • To contact us for urgent problems, contact us over Facebook chat at or over instagram at (Support between 9am and 8pm CET).Copy the following message skeleton and fill it out then write your message
    You can find your license number by: (Open IspiHost Admin and click question mark in top right corner)
  1. Your Email for purchase:
  2. License Number :
  3. Message:

Even though we try to answer as fast as we can, there may be times where we have urgent things as well and cannot answer right away. Please be patient and we will get back as soon as possible

  • Other contact ways are over our contact form or live chat (Support between 9am and 8pm CET)
    Response times are not as fast as Facebook chat but you should receive an answer within 24 hours. If you havent heard from us within 48 hours, please send us another message.