1. Added second calculation mode to NCDCAFD Module: “All Parameters”. This calculates all parameters for each CAF resulting in the FWL.
  2. Added quick compare function to compare single FWLs of “all parameter” calculation against another NCD/FWL of the same ECU
  3. Added quick compare function to do an automated calculation/comparison based on 2 FAs/VOs on the same SVT

Find out more about all new functions on https://esysx.com/licenses/

Note: Before you can use the compare functions, you must configure your “Diff Tool” in IspiHost Admin under Settings->NcdDiff Tool

Note2: Users which have purchased EsysX Expert or upgraded their license to EsysX Expert before and including 4.10.2020 (until these changes went live), will receive an Email with a free update. So if you have purchased it, wait for the mail. If not and you are reading this, you can find any Expert Product in our shop which will include all the new functions.


  1. Improved handling of FDL cheat codes, allowing cheat sheet swapping without exiting EsysX
  2. Multiple cheat sheets can now be merged into one via IspiHost Admin Panel


  1. SSD FA files can now be ordered via shop and are automatically sent to your email
  2. Added suport for Esys 3.35.3


  1. Full support added for Psdzdata 20/07
  2. FA (XML) as well as FSC repair kits available in the shop and can be ordered by long VIN.


  1. Added support for Live-Cockpit CAFDs
  2. Added partial support for 20/07 PSdZ Data
  3. Added new EGS 8HP ISN Reset to EsysX
  4. Added Support for upcoming Expert “NCD/CAFD” Tool (NCD Calculation based on FA + SVT/CAFs)


  1. Support added for Windows 10 build 2004
  2. Support added for 20-03 PSdZ Data
  3. Support added for Esys 3.36.2
  4. Added the possibility to show memory location in CAF Viewer