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EsysNeXt Cloud updated to 1.1.0


Just a quick note that we updated our cloud application to version 1.1.0 and added following changes: Route FSCs can now be requested by long VIN only. This feature is integrated into the existing FSC Generator. Credits are now automatically added within 5-10 minutes after purchase if the order was placed successfully and payment was

EsysNeXt Cloud updated to 1.1.02021-12-14T19:40:13+00:00

Roadmap for Coding and background for EsysNeXt


As Cloud is now released, we wan't to give a quick heads up on whats planned for coding. First things first. Our cloud app is not just like any other PHP portal that requests files from an API and stores them, it is more than that. Internally, the data structure is already prepared for

Roadmap for Coding and background for EsysNeXt2021-12-06T10:19:01+00:00

Windows (11) Update may break EsysX


Dear customers, just a quick note to inform you of some important things: If your Windows version is <  2004 and you haven't bought an update/upgrade from us after Summer 2019, then DO NOT upgrade your Windows version. Windows 2004 introduces changes in native libraries that made IspiHost service stop working. We had to implement

Windows (11) Update may break EsysX2021-10-08T10:24:03+00:00

The current plan about EsysX – Moving to the Cloud


So it's been almost 3 weeks since we put out our last post. We took some time off and thought about the situation and whats the best we can do right now. EsysX started many many years ago as a simple launcher and grew a lot in functionality within the last 1,5 years. We put

The current plan about EsysX – Moving to the Cloud2021-10-19T07:07:29+00:00

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