What is Esysx?

EsysX is a solution that enables all the guys that want to make coding changes to their cars possible.

With this utility is is now possible to  use all the function of esys with out any hassle the below images show how our solution is installed and activated

If you have any futher questions please mail us and we will be happy to answer you.

…….Please note that our launcher will not work in a vm machine only native windows…….

……….If you require support we are available between 8am-7pm Monday to friday central european times……..

          …………..Please note the license is activated online there for if you need to change your PC or a component esysx will not work on the new PC……………….

EsysX License Activation

Bring up IspiHostAdmin from taskbar and click button “Activate License”

System will verify online connectivity and then it will display the following dialog

Click on button “Activate”. If everything goes well then the following is displayed

Click on button Ok and then on the EsysX Options on the list on the left. When EsysX options dialog is displayed click on folder button bellow Version label to select the bin folder of E-Sys installation

After selecting a valid E-sys folder (versions 3.24.3, 3.26.1, 3.27.1, 3.28.0, 3.29.0, 3.30.0 &
3.30.1, 3.31 are supported also 64 bit 3.32,3.33 if you have a 64 bit license.) the following screen is displayed.

When You acquire a license from us we will offer 1 free update to work with latest psdz data.

All orders will be processed in 24-48 hours mon-fri

(Please quote you license id when asking about your update)

Bug fixes and minor updates will be free, you will be notified if this affects your license.

Contact Us

(We do not have any affiliation with bmw ag or its subsidiaries and we do not supply or offer any software that is not ours.)
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